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Christmas Planner

These are my own specially created printable pages - designed to be stored in a ring binder and used as necessary, year after year, to help me keep on track of my Christmas planning. The completed sheets also provide a record of each Christmas too.

Making a Christmas Planner

Print out the pages below - 1 or more copies of each page as appropriate - and begin to fill them in a little at a time. If you complete the Decorations sheet, for example, as you pack away this year, then next year will be much easier. Go through the Christmas cards you received this year, and before you decide what to do with them (see 10 Creative Uses for Your Christmas Cards and Even More Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards) fill out the Christmas Card List to make next year's card sending a breeze. Bring out the planner early next year - perhaps in September - and start to sort through it, make shopping lists, and so on.

Our Christmas printables require Adobe Reader. Click on the images to download.

Christmas Card List: Gift Ideas:  Internet Orders:
 Christmas Card List  Gift Ideas  Internet orders
Keep a record of who you send Christmas cards to - and who you have received cards from When you think of an appropriate gift for someone on your list, record it here before you forget it!  Gifts, decorations, packaging, food... you can buy it all online now. But will you remember where you bought it, and when? Keep track here.
Catalog Orders: Freezer Planner:  Baking Planner:
 Catalog orders tracker  Freezer planner  Baking planner
If you order from a catalog this Christmas, keep a record here so that you will know where and when, so that you can chase if you need to.  The more you can cook and freeze in advance, the more relaxed your Christmas will be! Make plans and keep a record of what you have achieved here.  If you plan to do any baking for Christmas, make a record here.
Room Planner: Decorations: Packing checklist:
Room planner decorations Packing checklist
Use this room planner to plan your Christmas decorations. If you delegate the unpacking, your helpers will know where everything should go! It is too easy to forget what decorations we have in store - especially if we buy some new ones each year! Make a note here. Make sure you have all your packing and wrapping supplies to hand .. and make a note of any you have left over from last year too.
Shopping List: Gifts to Buy: Gifts to Make:
Shopping list gifts to buy
You will probably need many copies of the shopping list in the weeks before Christmas. A simple planner for gift buying If you are planning on making homemade gifts this year, keep your records here.

Other things to keep in your planner:

  • Take photos of any particularly successful decoration, flower arrangements, table displays etc for inspiration next year
  • Print out or cut out any Christmas recipes you want to try and store in your planner
  • If you have any coupons or vouchers to use at Christmas, keep them here
  • Have you booked the family for any shows or events? Store the tickets in your planner where you will find them easily.
  • Jot notes for your Holiday Letter (if you plan to write one) so that it won't be so hard to remember what to write at the last moment!