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Good Ideas

This page is for all those Christmas "good ideas" which don't fall under any other useful category on the website! Every so often, while researching this site, I have come across an idea or inspiration and wished I had thought of it myself, or been doing it for years ... and this is where I am collecting them. I hope you find them useful and inspiring too.

Storing Christmas Gift Bags:
Here is a clever idea for keeping your Christmas (and other) gift bags organized - so that you can see them at a glace, re-use bags that are given to you, etc

Children's Thank You Letters:
Do your kids need more than a little encouragement to write their thank you letters? For the youngest children, nobody minds receiving a real "fill in the blank" thank you in wobbly first handwriting - but when kids get a little older they should put more thought into their offerings. This "fill in the blank" letter for older kids is a brilliant way to get them thinking about what to write. Print and laminate a master copy and give them some cheerful Christmas stationery to write their version on to - they can get the letters out of the way and brush up on their grammar at the same time!

Turkey Leftovers:
If you bought too big a turkey this year, check out this list of 56 recipes for turkey leftovers!

Really Special Christmas E-cards:
I have always been put off sending E-cards at Christmas because many are just not great quality - and I'm not sure how many of them I would like to receive myself! But I have been converted by Jacquie Lawson's membership only site. The cards are beautiful (you can see a preview of many of them before you sign up, so you can make up your own mind!) and you will find something for every occasion. Many of them feature her very picturesque cottage and English village green, and her chocolate labrador/spaniel mix, Chudleigh. This isn't an affiliate link - just a recommendation!