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Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Sometimes you want to do more than buy a roll of wrapping paper and some sticky tape! I've been collecting gift wrap ideas to inspire here, starting with a look at some more eco-friendly ways of wrapping Christmas presents. (I've become quite adept at Furoshiki and have enjoyed collecting scarves and fabric to use in my packing this year.)

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas

Furoshiki Book Wrapping Video
Learn all about Furoshiki, and watch and learn how to fold many traditional Christmas presents in this exciting, sustainable way.
Furoshiki - The Japanese Art of Cloth Wrapping 

Shoebox gift boxes
Make your own Christmas boxes to use again and again...
Shoebox Christmas Boxes

Organza wrapped gift
Instead of gift wrap, how about using a length of sumptious organza or similar cloth in a Christmas colour. Then take a generous amount of wide wired ribbon to keep it in place. You will be able to use the fabric again each year.