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How To Make Christmas Tree Bows

These easy Christmas Tree Bows are inexpensive to make, look beautiful on any tree and can be matched to the colour scheme of your home.

Homemade Christmas Tree Bows

You will need:

Wide ribbon to match your decor. Use either a fairly stiff ribbon which will hold its shape, or wired ribbon.
Craft wire, florists wire or pipe-cleaners
Wire cutters, pliers and scissors


Make two large loops out of your ribbon and allow for two appropriately sizes tails before cutting to size. Use the first piece of ribbon to measure and cut for as many bows as you would like to make. I can't give you an exact length because it will depend very much on the width of your ribbon, the fabric and how it folds.

Cut your wire into lengths of approximately 12 inches, or use 1 pipe-cleaner for each bow. Form the ribbon into shape again, then place the wire over the middle and twist tightly around to keep the the bow in place. Twist to the back, and keep twisting until the wires are secure. Bend the ends of the wire back on themselves and press together with the pliers to prevent any very sharp ends. You might like to wrap the end in masking tape or electrical tape for added safety if you have young children or cats who might play with your Christmas decorations.

Now it is just a matter of twisting the bows into the tree. They look best when they are lying somewhat flat on the top of a branch.

I love making these ribbons. For very little cost you can change the look of your tree every year, picking out one colour to highlight. And of course there are some glorious Christmas ribbons available these days. It might be worth looking out for rolls at the end of the season, when they are on sale, and stocking up.

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