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Christmas Shell Decoration

If you live by the sea, you can create a very pretty, natural looking tree just be using found objects like these pretty sea shells...

Christmas Shell Decorations

When you are next beach-combing, keep an eye out for pretty shells and pebbles, and even driftwood, with obvious holes. If you find enough, it is simple to thread a red ribbon through and hang on the tree.

If you can't find shells with holes already in them, or you buy your shells at the craft store, you can make a neat hole towards the top of each shell using a craft drill with a very fine bit.

For a different look, try spray-painting all your objects silver or gold - or even a pretty shimmery blue for a more modern effect. Alternatively - and this looks very pretty - dip the edges into a little white glue and then sprinkle very fine white glitter over the shells. They will reflect the Christmas tree lights and sparkle!

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